Focus on your core business. Improve your performance by letting our team of experts help you manage the weather's impact.

We offer special services for Producers, Transporters, Distributors and Suppliers (Gas, Electricity, Renewable Energies) to anticipate weather hazards.

Improve your performance with our experts.


Forecast consumption intraday, day-ahead, week-ahead...


Consulting on energy efficiency, by neutralizng weather effect


Anticipating events up to three weeks in advance, sending alerts. Installing weather stations for refined local forecasts.


Wind power, PV: intraday forecasts, day-ahead, up to 14 days, by park portfolio. Multi-model forecasts, optimization...

What we do

Our expertise is based on econometric modeling of the activity, taking into account weather factors, calendar, business .... Our recommendations help you to make the best decisions.

Some application examples


District cooling: Forecast of heat output and the electrical power associated with an accuracy greater than 97%



Six month forecast of entry flow for dams to optimize dispatching and merit order.

PV production forecast of a portfolio of assets coupled to a storage medium (MICRO STEP) to sell electricity on the market and facilitate the integration of renewable energy into networks.

Wind power generation forecast, probabilistic PV up to 2 weeks to 1/4 hours, 1/2 hours, or hours. Optimization of multi-model forecasts.

Reassessment of wind potential, taking into account the long-term trends of local weather conditions and the actual operation of the park



Forecast of all gas transported in France with less than 1.3% error. Projected annual consumption of each metering point in suppliers portfolios in neutral/hot/ old weather scenarios to adjust the pricing policy.





Forecast load curve, aggregated or by customer

Analysis and quantification of the global share of past consumptions

Trend analysis of a portfolio, and annual budget projection

Advice and solutions to large consumers in order to reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint

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